Kris’ Top Ten Grocery Savers

O.K. everyone here we go..:) shop shop and tell me what you see!

For the Week of Wed. Feb. – Sun. Feb.28th 2010 

@ Albertsons



@ Spencers



Did you know……  True Cinnamon (cassia) bla bla bla…aphrodisiac!\

@ Vons





 OK so what was your favorite deal this week? I was …well …. uninspired. Vons had a few decent deals but not enough to fill the list. I do have some ideas though! I will fill the list on uninspiring weeks with my fav. spots for buying healthy foods on a budget and YOU will need to “comment” on your fav. hot spots for dealios. Every week, I will pick a winner of “The Best Deal of the Week”

Hope y-all love this, and lets bless each other!

 Kristen Pauls

4 thoughts on “Kris’ Top Ten Grocery Savers

  1. julie says:

    Did you see my score for strawberries at the corner in Templeton for 10.00 a box and they brought them to the door, drive up shopping,…. Yea for a slow moment in my life.

    • kris pauls says:

      yes ,I was wondering how many pounds approx? however sometimes you just can’t beat the price of great quality and flavor! I would say save me one but they are probably already eaten up.!! Thanks for that!

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