EE Team

Lori Barrow 2018

Lori Barrow

Team Leader, Missions, Bible Study & Bulletin Board

Wife, mom of 4 littles, friend, discipler, explorer of nations, avid book reader, and all around crafty lady


Carolyn Watson 2018Carolyn Watson

Team Leader, Bible Study, Retreats & Blog

Lover of God, Photographer . Wife . Mom . Gramma . Friend . Love the Outdoors



Diane Hallquist 2018


Diane Hallquist

Decorating & Set Up

Wife, mother, blessed grandma, daughter of the King!; enjoys camping, hikes, crafts & being with my family



Jeanette Morris 2018Jeanette Morris


I am I am a Christ-follower, wife, mother, grandmother, writer/editor, traveler, fisherwoman, knitter, cook, and friend.

In between all that, I serve as a part-time missionary to Russia, wherein lies my passion for advancing God’s Kingdom.


Kathryn Raine 2018
Kathryn Raine

Treasurer, Decorating & Set Up 

I love to follow Christ, He is truly my rock!

I am a wife, mother, grandmother and a full-time student. I love learning, reading and being silly.

I am not perfect and I don’t beat myself up for it.



Nicole West 2018Nicole West

Hospitality, Embrace Events & Entertainment

Musician. Artist. Teacher. Student.

Witness to Grace. I am also a hope-filled daughter, sister, friend to many,

Beloved of God.




Beth Webb 2018


Beth Webb

Feed the Need & Prayer Warriors


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