Our Missionaries

Our Missionaries

Lori Barrow ~ YWAM Pismo

Carolyn V, Central Coast Portrait Photographer, Carolyn V Photography

Kami Hallquist ~ YWAM Montana

_MG_6105 copy

Jeanette Morris ~ Short Term Missionary to Russia



2 thoughts on “Our Missionaries

  1. Jeanette Bush says:

    I want to go. I forgot to pick up fllyer when I left Sunday nite. I was wondering if anyone had the dates of the mandatory meetings prior to trip departure? I will be working out of town this weekend but if someone can put me down on the list and add me to prayer chain. It is big on my heart to go but the provison hasnt arrived yet. I know God will fix that timely but I appreciate the extra prayer.

    My numbers :

    805-434-3506 home
    805-400-0193 verizon

  2. Lori says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I added your name to the list. I will be making some phone calls this weekend so I will most likely talk to you tomorrow! The dates aren’t set for sure – but most likely they will be March 28th after church for 1/2 hour and April 11th after church for 1 hour. I will have the dates set hopefully by the end of today!


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