It’s Tea Time … Holiday Style!

Please join us for Christmas Tea on Sunday evening, Dec. 6 at 6 pm in the family room of Father's House. We will be dressing up and holding our teacups with our pinkies out, feasting on tasty sandwiches, scones, and clotted cream, and enjoying a rousing ORNAMENT exchange game that is sure to put a smile … Continue reading It’s Tea Time … Holiday Style!

Fall Bible Study

EVERYONE LOVES A GREAT STORY – RIGHT? Stories are entertaining and often informative. But they can also be instructional and inspirational—even life changing—when we see our own faults, foibles, and fears through the lens of plot and character. Jesus used stories to share his good-news message of reconciliation with God. Sometimes the stories required soul … Continue reading Fall Bible Study

Let’s Worship Him Together

“But You are holy, O thou that inhabits the praises of Israel” (Psalm 22:3) “LET US BECOME MORE AWARE OF YOUR PRESENCE … LET US EXPERIENCE THE GLORY OF YOUR GOODNESS”  … Holy Spirit (Jesus Culture) Father’s House Forever Girlfriends invites you to join us on Sunday evening, September 6 from  6:00  to 8:00 pm, in the … Continue reading Let’s Worship Him Together

Summer Bible Study

Freeway is the name of the study and it begins today! This is not your typical Bible Study - the book is fun and interactive. A great tool for your summer times with Jesus. Meet at Kris Pauls home (5505 Valentina in Atascadero) at 10. This is a 6-8 week study. There's still time to … Continue reading Summer Bible Study

Fall Ladies Retreat

RETREAT …  an act or process of withdrawing, especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable  a place of privacy or safety; refuge  a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director No matter how you define it, a retreat is one of the best ways to refresh and regroup. … Continue reading Fall Ladies Retreat