Embrace Ezer Ladies’ 6-week Bible Study

Ladies, you're invited to join our upcoming Bible Study "Breath" with Beth Moore starting Thursday, March 15, 6:30 pm at Nicole West's. $10 for the study guide. Contact Nicole or the church office to sign up! https://youtu.be/Mk6Djks5OsQ  


Fall Bible Study

EVERYONE LOVES A GREAT STORY – RIGHT? Stories are entertaining and often informative. But they can also be instructional and inspirational—even life changing—when we see our own faults, foibles, and fears through the lens of plot and character. Jesus used stories to share his good-news message of reconciliation with God. Sometimes the stories required soul … Continue reading Fall Bible Study

Summer Bible Study

Freeway is the name of the study and it begins today! This is not your typical Bible Study - the book is fun and interactive. A great tool for your summer times with Jesus. Meet at Kris Pauls home (5505 Valentina in Atascadero) at 10. This is a 6-8 week study. There's still time to … Continue reading Summer Bible Study

Bible Study

Hey ladies ... We're starting a new study ... Come Thirsty by Max Lucado on February 17th. It will be an 8 week class on Tuesday afternoons from 12:30-2. The cost is $13.00. You can sign up at Father's House on the sign up sheet just as you enter the front doors. It's going to … Continue reading Bible Study

Fall Bible Study

Weathering Life’s Storms/Jesus, Our Shelter -    Life isn’t easy. At any moment, around any corner, we can be thrown off balance by an unexpected crisis, an unpleasant difficulty, an inconvenient circumstance. It’s impossible to be human and to have life go smoothly. Most of us do our best to endure our difficulties, wait them … Continue reading Fall Bible Study

The Jesus I Never Knew

We all think we know Jesus and we do ... but there is so much more to our Savior than we can even imagine. On Friday January 31st we will begin a four week study that you read about in our last post (click here to re-read). Once we've gone through that study we will … Continue reading The Jesus I Never Knew