Recipes from ‘Stories of Christmas’

10 Bean Soup                           Serves 12 1/4 cup each of the following beans: Black eyed peas                       Pinto beans Black beans                               Lentils Great northern beans            Red beans Small lima beans                    Navy beans Split green peas                       Pearl barley   Wash beans thoroughly, place in large container, cover with water and 2 Tblsp salt - soak overnight.  Next day, drain, put into … Continue reading Recipes from ‘Stories of Christmas’


Kris’ Top Ten Grocery Savers

O.K. everyone here we go..:) shop shop and tell me what you see! For the Week of Wed. Feb. - Sun. Feb.28th 2010  @ Albertsons 1) 2) @ Spencers BONUS BUENOS DEALIO  3) 4) Did you know......  True Cinnamon (cassia) bla bla bla...aphrodisiac!\ @ Vons   5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)  OK so what was your favorite deal … Continue reading Kris’ Top Ten Grocery Savers

Meals for the Meade family

I don't know who knows and who doesn't but Josh Meades mother died Dec. 31 at 4 am. she was fighting pancreatic cancer. I am trying to get meals together for their family. Josh is hosting 1-2 of his brothers so meals will be for 7 people at least. Please call me if you want … Continue reading Meals for the Meade family

Care and Share

MEALS: Elizabeth and Jason Howell and new baby Emily (8/9/09) If you would like to make a meal (or send money if cooking isn't your thing) for the Howell family, please bring it to church, Sunday August 16. I will be taking meals and money to them in San Simeon after church. Just put Howell … Continue reading Care and Share