Communion with God or fellow Christians is the meaning of the name of the conference grounds we use for our ladies retreat. Have you had a chance to sign up yet? We'd love to have you there and the date is quickly approaching! We'll have several ladies sharing at the different meetings, so you'll get … Continue reading Koinonia

Why Should I Sign Up for Retreat?

It's a big question ... maybe you aren't even consciously considering attending this year ... Retreat has had a huge impact on my walk with Jesus since the beginning of my salvation. Someone told me I should go that first year ... so I did. My girls were young ... but I really needed God … Continue reading Why Should I Sign Up for Retreat?

Fall Ladies Retreat

RETREAT …  an act or process of withdrawing, especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable  a place of privacy or safety; refuge  a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director No matter how you define it, a retreat is one of the best ways to refresh and regroup. … Continue reading Fall Ladies Retreat

Fall Events …

Fall Events ... Hello ladies, as summer begins to come to a close it's time to start thinking Fall! And with that come a few things. Fall Ladies Bible Study is one. We will be going through a study Pastor Susan wrote several years ago. The title is Ishshah 1. It's a great time to enjoy getting together with … Continue reading Fall Events …

Ladies Retreat 2013

Fun.Fellowship.Laughter.Relaxation.Teaching Ladies, now is the time to begin planning for our fall retreat. Click on the picture above to download a copy of the brochure. Feel free to print it, fill it out and turn it in at church to reserve your spot!

… planning into the night

Last weekend the Forever Girlfriends team had the opportunity to 'get away' ...to seek the Lord and work on some plans for the upcoming year. We were very busy from early morning until late in the night ... We really connected as a team ... Meeting after meeting ... you never knew what would come … Continue reading … planning into the night

A Candy Story

Our cravings have a first name, it's L A F F Y Our tastebuds have a second name, it's T A F F Y We love to eat it everyday ...  and if you ask us why we'll say ... 'Cause Laffy Taffy has a way with M I N I T & A!                                    by … Continue reading A Candy Story

Name Your Dream …

As you may have heard, at our retreat at Camp Koinonia we had a 'Name Your Dream' board set up and we were to each 'name our dream' on a slip of paper. Let's see if you can guess who had which dream ... Write a book using my experiences & what God's done to encourage … Continue reading Name Your Dream …